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Spring Newsletter


During the winter holiday season, the joy of giving is at an all-time high. We buy gifts for family and friends. We may also dig into our purses or wallets when we pass the volunteer ringing a bell next to the big black kettle. These gifts are so important and certainly help people in need during the holiday season. But what happens when the tinsel and candles are put away? HHV believes in giving to our nation’s veterans all year long. So with spring just around the corner, we are working hard to keep that giving spirit alive and well not just during the holidays, but all year long.
During 2014, HHV reached an incredible milestone. We have now shipped more than 29 million arts and crafts kits to veterans across the country, and to active duty servicemen and women, since our organization began in 1971. Those gifts came in many forms – wood or plastic model kits, needlecrafts, woodworking and leather projects, ceramics, painting, jewelry-making items and much more. On average, the retail value of each craft kit is about $20, although some may be a little less and others a lot more depending on the supplies required. HHV is proud that the vast majority of the craft kits we distribute are manufactured in-house, right at our Winchester, CA production center. This helps keep costs down so we can provide more veterans with as many therapeutic crafts as possible.
Working on crafts truly is therapeutic. For veterans recovering from serious health issues, it can be incorporated into their treatment plans to help with dexterity, fine motor skills, and the ability to follow written instructions and improve concentration. They help individuals facing depression or post-traumatic stress by giving them something productive to focus on, offering a positive sense of accomplishment once a project is completed. For aging veterans, crafts can remind individuals that they are still productive and able to create something useful and beautiful. For veterans coping with substance or alcohol dependency, crafts can also offer a way to keep hands busy and minds alert during their recovery.
Each month, HHV distributes over 38,000 kits to our craft-loving veterans, with many being sent directly to their homes through our Patient Home Rehabilitation Program. Many veterans complete their kits so they can also give back to others, saving completed projects as gifts for birthdays, holidays or other special occasions.
Whether it’s$100, $50 or $5, each gift is important and goes directly toward the purchase of a craft kit for a veteran. And every kit distributed includes a donor “Thank You” postcard, which we encourage each veteran to fill out and drop in the mail. This gives the veteran who receives a kit an opportunity to send a note of thanks to the donor who made it possible. When you read what they have to say, you’ll feel good about giving – not just during the holidays but all year long.


There’s been a lot going on at Help Hospitalized Veterans over the past year. We have a new board of Directors and an interim Chief Executive Officer. The website has been completely revamped and updated. We have many new arts and crafts kits available, including lots more for women veterans. The Patient Home Rehabilitation Program has over 16,000 veterans enrolled, with more signing up every day. HHV is a proud Commemorative Partner of the Vietnam War Commemoration, and several new partners are on board. We are also working closely with our friends in the military to provide more arts and crafts products to active duty servicemen and women.
Speaking of which, this past autumn HHV sent 5,000 craft kits to troops conducting maritime security operations and security cooperative efforts in response to threats from ISIS. One grateful sailor paused to express appreciation saying, “Thank you so much for the packages that were sent. My work center loved them all… Our workload has increased quite a bit with everything going on over here, but [we] are excited to start the new models and crafts…Your company has really helped the morale of our work center. Thank you very much.”
HHV is now partnering with Hopes and Dreams Riding Facility, a therapeutic horse riding enterprise for wounded warriors, veterans and military personnel. Therapeutic horseback riding is often used in treatment and rehabilitation programs for patients with a wide variety of illnesses and disabilities. HHV’s arts and crafts are now being used as part of the therapy process.


In November, HHV’s four Community Based Craft Centers celebrated Veterans Day with a very special wreath-laying ceremony, comprised of paper roses sent by our donors to honor the veterans we serve.
In December, HHV Chicago Craft Care Specialist Mia Leber, along with Department of Family and Support Services, hosted a gala to highlight arts and crafts projects local veterans completed, thanks to HHV’s comprehensive therapeutic arts & crafts program.
Also in December, HHV sent a few thousand craft kits to soldiers stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas, as well as active duty personnel at March Air Reserve Base in California.


When Help Hospitalized Veterans began during the Vietnam War, a group of concerned citizens visited a military hospital in San Diego. When asking the patients what they could do for them, the answer was frequently a plea for something to do, to keep them busy during long periods of hospitalization. That is how the mission of HHV began – to give therapeutic craft kits to military and veteran patients during recovery and rehabilitation.
Times have changed since 1971, and many of the injuries treated now do not require hospitalization at all, or for an extended length of stay. While HHV continues to provide arts and crafts kits to patients in the hospital or extended care setting, we also provide many more kits to veterans in aftercare programs, at transitional housing units, in clinics or other ambulatory care centers, and now at home. HHV also has twenty community-based arts and crafts centers of its own, where veterans can receive crafts, get some hands-on instruction, and even work on crafts with other veterans in a group setting. While HHV will continue providing crafts to veterans and military service members in the hospital, we will also provide them in many other health care settings. Contact HHV if you know of a veteran who could benefit from craft therapy!


“I spoke to your girls on a Friday and they were very pleasant and helpful. I requested the 50th Anniversary Vietnam Kit and possibly some paint-by-number kits. They said they would ship them out on Friday. Imagine my surprise when they were here on Saturday afternoon! That is why you all are so great when it comes to helping with the therapy of disabled veterans like myself. In my package there was the 50th Collection, a plastic military model, a drawing kit and a watercolor kit. Thanks, I am very appreciative of these kits.” – John V., Florida
“This is such an awesome thing HHV has done for our Vietnam Veterans. This is just one of so many; this is why I love HHV and why I do what I do for HHV. No other Veterans Support Agency does for our nation’s veterans like Help Hospitalized Veteran’ does. Thank you.” – Larry K., California
“First off, I would like to say thank you for the donation of the computer. It has helped me keep in touch with all of my family and friends. I just wanted to say thanks for everything you do for the veterans!” – D.C., state unknown

Click here for more veteran testimonials


To keep up with the demand for HHV’s therapeutic arts and crafts kits, they are now available to military and veteran patients at their homes through HHV’s Patient Home Rehabilitation (PHR) Program. Any U.S. veteran or member of the military who has received any medical or nursing care within the last six months, at any health care facility, is eligible.
To enroll in the program, proof of veteran or military status is required, along with documentation of any medical or nursing care received within the past six months. If these are provided, all that’s needed is to complete the PHR application. This may be submitted electronically or by regular mail.
There is no cost to apply or receive HHV’s arts and crafts kits. HHV’s donors have already paid for all product and shipping costs. There is never a cost because HHV and its supporters believe that America’s veterans and military personnel already paid the price through their service to our nation.
If you live in a nursing home, residential or medical facility, you can still receive the craft kits. Just sign up for PHR, and the craft kits will be shipped directly to your location at no charge.


HHV is proud to be a commemorative partner in the Department of Defense’s Vietnam War Commemoration, recognizing the 50th anniversary of this important period in our nation’s history. As such, HHV dedicated a year-long campaign to educate Americans about the contributions and sacrifices made by Vietnam veterans. As part of our Veterans Concert Series, the 2014 concerts in Colorado and West Virginia both observed HHV’s special dedications to Vietnam vets. Concerts continue throughout 2015, beginning in Prescott, Arizona this past February. Plans are underway for more concerts, including The Villages, Florida on April 29 and the National Convention of the Vietnam Veterans of America official Welcome Home Party in Springfield, Illinois on July 21. The final stop for the 2015 Concert Series will be held at DAR Constitution Hall on Sunday, November 8, 2015. The objectives of the Commemoration program are met by highlighting Vietnam veterans and their families and thanking all service men and women, including former prisoners of war, in remembrance of their sacrifices. In addition, HHV now has a series of commemorative craft kits available that pay special tribute to Vietnam veterans.


What do Lonestar, the Chi-Lites, and Jefferson Starship all have in common? That’s easy – they were all headliners who performed at HHV’s Veterans Concert Series this past season. At concerts held in Texas, Colorado and Illinois, active duty service members, veterans, their families and the general public were all treated to exceptional entertainment. Our latest series began in November in Charleston, W.V. Stay tuned for more details on other concerts coming up this season.
HHV is also a proud sponsor of Re-Creation, USA—a group of enthusiastic young performers who provide near-daily variety stage shows at VA Medical Centers and veterans nursing homes. These performances lift the spirits and provide tremendous therapeutic value to these veteran patients. For a dates and locations of upcoming shows, click here.


We offer sincere thanks to every one of our generous donors, because without you, our programs and sponsorships would not exist. These include our Special Projects division which delivers brand new computer systems and other products to homebound veterans; our craft care specialists, who provide support to military and veteran patients in HHV’s community-based arts and crafts centers; the patient home rehabilitation program, which sends regular mailings of craft kits to veterans in their own homes; our veterans concert series, which puts a smile on the faces of everyone present; and HHV’s founding program—the delivery of therapeutic arts and crafts kits to veteran and military patients. Thank you for the gift of giving, all year long!

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