Read how the HHV program has touched the lives of veterans and keep up-to-date with HHV’s programs and sponsorships.

In The Spotlight
HHV puts the spotlight on special stories about healing and rehabilitation received from veterans.

The HHV Bugle Call
HHV’s newsletter features short stories, photos and quotes from veterans that have received benefit from HHV products and sponsorships.

Feedback Letters
Read what the medical facilities have to say about HHV, as well as view quotes from both the veterans and HHV’s donors!

From The CEO’s Desk
Noteworthy items from HHV’s chief executive officer.

Craft Kit Photo Gallery
If a picture is worth a thousand words, the following photo gallery could be deemed priceless by the veterans who, time after time, send HHV notes, emails, voice mail messages and more, praising HHV for helping them in countless ways.

Veteran Testimonials Video Gallery
Watch nearly two dozen public service announcements that several respected celebrities and notable individuals have taken the time out of their busy schedules to record in support of HHV’s products and services for veterans.

Public Service Announcements
View public service announcements (PSAs) of those who have supported the efforts of HHV over the years.

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Your gift to HHV reminds veterans their service is appreciated. HHV provides arts & crafts kits that empower hospitalized veterans by keeping their hands active and minds alert.

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