Craft Care Specialists

HHV developed the Craft Care Specialist program in 1994 in an effort to augment hospital staff and to ensure that all veteran patients have the opportunity to integrate arts & crafts into their prescribed therapy. Craft Care Specialists (CCS) are employees of HHV who work at designated medical facilities and Community Based Crafts centers throughout the country.

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Craft Care Specialists enhance HHV’s ability to reach more veteran patients, often introducing them to the healing power of the arts for the very first time.
craft care specialist

Program Objectives:

  • Reach as many veterans as possible who would likely benefit from “craft therapy.”
  • Involve arts & crafts activity in overall treatment plans for veterans.
  • Facilitate social interaction by teaching new skills.
  • Provide opportunity for veterans to creatively express themselves.
  • Instill an appreciation for the arts.
  • Promote involvement in arts – independent of treatment.
  • Increase awareness of HHV program.
  • Increase awareness of CCS position.
  • Increase volunteer hours in HHV/CCS program.
  • Increase public awareness of important role of veterans in all our lives.

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Your gift to HHV reminds veterans their service is appreciated. HHV provides arts & crafts kits that empower hospitalized veterans by keeping their hands active and minds alert.

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