Arts & Crafts
What types of kits does HHV distribute to military and veteran patients?

Craft Care Specialists
Learn about the outstanding program HHV formed in order to augment the wonderful services provided to veterans receiving care at a variety of both in- and out-patient facilities.

Community Based Arts & Crafts Centers
With increasing numbers of military and veteran patients being released to home-based or outpatient therapy and rehabilitation programs, many are no longer able to access HHV arts and crafts as they had in the past. This program aims to reach all veteran and military medical patients nationwide.

Patient Home Rehabilitation Program
Military and veteran patients receiving medical care from private, state or federal facilities may apply to receive HHV’s arts & crafts kits.

Special Projects
How HHV is able to reach even more veterans who are not in VA or military hospitals, providing them with its products!

Veterans Assistance & Awareness
HHV’s outreach to the general public about its programs, products and sponsorships for veterans receiving care from the Department of Veterans Affairs, military hospitals and state veterans nursing homes.

Volunteer Program
The greatest gift one can give is their time, so please consider becoming a volunteer at a Department of Veterans Affairs medical center.

Pen Pal Program
This most special program of HHV, its “pen-pal” program, has enabled thousands of donors and veterans to correspond with each other, in some cases leading to life-long friendships. These relationships are made possible by those little thank-you postcards attached to each arts & crafts kits.

Support HHV

Your gift to HHV reminds veterans their service is appreciated. HHV provides arts & crafts kits that empower hospitalized veterans by keeping their hands active and minds alert.

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